With the rains earlier in the week, combined with snowmelt, rivers and streams are running very high throughout he North Country. Route 26 has pooled water in several locations. The Saranac River is very high.

Belly’s in Mountain View

Belly’s is closing tonight, through Wednesday, April 23rd. They will reopen on Thursday, April 24.

Three weeks without blueberry raspberry pie. It will be like Lent, all over again.

The winter started slow for Belly’s, but the snow came and stayed in February. The trails are still usable by snowmobiles, although the groomers have been put away for the season, and the connecting roads are bare, for the most part.

Local logging

There is an active logging operation underway on the Loon Lake Mountains. This landing is on the logging around across from the Grasse Pond Access site.

I believe the logger is Paul Mitchell, from Tupper Lake. It is nice to see a working forest, as the logging operation will ultimately increase habitat diversity. Given the nature of the equipment on site, it appears that this is a sustainable forestry operation. Selective cutting, with all parts of the tree being harvested and used.


Enter Spring Melt

We still have a good three feet of snow in the woods. My snow gauge (the picnic table) has about 4 feet of snow on top. We have not had this much snow in April since 2001. Several weeks ago, we had the snowbanks on our road pushed back with a bulldozer. We have had 3 significant snow since then, and the banks are closing in. Thankfully, the Spring melt has started, and the banks will recede. Our road surface is clear, but is more like a stream. The ground is frozen, the snow is melting, and the water has no place to go.

Daytime temperatures are above freezing, the wind is blowing, and the sun feels warm. Snowmobiling is done for the season. Walking in the woods is difficult, at best. At this time of year, I wait for the ice to go out on the lake. There is no sign of progress on that front yet this year. This is the last weekend I will let the dogs out on the lake.

April is when we tackle indoor projects. Painting the adirondack chairs, renovating a room, cleaning the fishing tackle. I would take the jonboat motor in for a tuneup, if it wasn’t still buried in a snowbank.

April is a real test of my patience.

We watched a DVD last night (I rarely watch TV). What did we watch? The Disney movie, Frozen. I think it took place in Loon Lake.

Maple Syrup

You heard it here first. A movie is being made about the 2012 Canadian Maple Syrup Heist. The cast will include Jason Segal.

In case you missed it, in 2012 thieves stole Canada’s strategic reserve of maple syrup.

Winter Weather Advisory– Saturday, March 22nd: Update

Expecting heavy snow in the morning. three to six inches. This Winter does not want to quit……

Just before Noon, and it has been snowing steadily for a few hours. Outdoor conditions are wonderful. We had about four inches of new snow on Thursday into Friday.

Note: the snowmobile trail on the old RR ROW/powerline is closed North of Route 26. As is the trail along Mullins Road. There is a very nice temporary detour set up. Looks like the trail was closed so NGrid could do some pole/line maintenance. Actually, it appears the work has been completed, as there is heavy equipment/tracked vehicle parked next o Route 26 at Mullins Road, which NGrid has been using to access the ROW.

We have so much snow on the point that we had to have the banks pushed back with a payloader/back hoe. And it keeps coming…..