Sunday Morning – July 6th

What a great weekend it has been. The strong wind out of the West should subside shortly, just as soon as I get the sailboat rigged.

Don’t forget– homeowner’s association meeting today at Noon at the Jewish Center. This is an important meeting, as the members will be selecting new leadership. I understand Vince Pagano is stepping down as President.

Early Morning wake up

So at 3:30 AM our alarm system went off, signaling a fire at Camp. With four dogs, two kids and three grand kids in residence, i went from sleep to panic in less than a second. Got them up, checked the house (it was fine) and killed the alarm. It immediately went off again.

Did a detailed check on the house and found nothing. The alarm kept going off. Called Bloomingdale fire and told them we were fine; that is how I learned they no longer dispatch for Loon Lake. They gave me the number for Franklin County.

The culprit was a 14 year old smoke detector. It took a while to isolate the cause, as we have 12 detectors in the house. They need to be replaced every 10 years.

The alarm was quite loud. I apologize to those who heard it at this end of the lake.

Saturday July 5th

In Saranac Lake, Spencer Boatworks will be sponsoring a wooden boat rendezvous on Lake Flower, from 10 to 3. Their will be a wooden boat parade in the afternoon.

Saranac River

There is an awesome picnic hike about ten minutes from Loon Lake.

Head down Goldsmith Road, across the bridge and keep going. you will find the parking area on your left, in front of a yellow gate, just after a road heads off to your left.

There is a nice ten minute, level walk into a campsite on the Saranac River. There is a picnic table, privy, firepit, and fishing platform.

I maintain this site for NYSDEC. We went in there today and cut out blowdown, cut the grass, and picked up the trash.

Another work weekend

There is the sound of much enterprise around the lake today. I heard four sanders going, and at least three weedwhackers.

I did not mind doing work, even though it was hot– I was in the lake several times throughout the day.