Lyon Mountain

We have been hiking Lyon Mountain for several years. When we started, there was no marked trail, just the old jeep trail and path the fire tower observer used. It was exceptionally steep and rocky. Several years ago, DEC rerouted the lower 2/3rds of the trail, making it much more gradual, with a series of long switchbacks. They also marked the trail with red trail markers. Recently, they rerouted the upper third of the trail, as well.

We hiked the mountain today. It was a very different experience from our early ascents. Much more gradual, and less steep. No hand over hand climbing. It took us about 2 hours to reach the fire tower on the summit. The new trail is very nicely done.

It is still possible to ascend and descend the old path, which is much more direct (like a straight line, up the mountain).-

This is also a dog friendly hike; leashes not required.

We had wonderful views from the summit and it is possible to climb the fire tower.

Interesting news article caption

In today’s Plattsburgh Press Republican: “Paul Smith’s to offer craft beer Minor”.

This actually makes a lot of sense for a culinary arts school. Interesting legal issues arise, as the students will mostly be underage….

Habitat Awareness Day

Is this Saturday; check out the article in the Adirondack Almanac.

The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington will be having an open house.

I have gone over in years past and learned a good deal from the presenters and wildlife rehabilitators. The animals are the prime draw.

If you go, wear good sturdy shoes. No sandals.

Naked Turtle

A reminder– the Naked Turtle closes for the season on Monday.

We had a great lunch there this week, sitting on the deck and watching the boats on Lake Champlain.

An excellent hamburger….and fries.

Vandalism at the lake

Late this afternoon I was contacted by two different neighbors about a boat drifting free, and banging against the shore on Horsehead Point. I grabbed the Whaler and went over to investigate. I found the boat, and recognized it as the one usually moored to a dock in Hodge Bay. I rigged up a tow line and pulled it back to its dock.

When I got to the dock, I found two things. First, someone had written the words “illegal dock” in red spray paint on the dock. Second, the lines holding the boat to the dock had been cut. Both are troubling; neither is acceptable.

I called the President of the LLHOA, Tom Bartiss, and he said he would contact the owner of the boat.

My Whaler once broke free, back in the Spring of 2008. I received two calls from neighbors. When I got to the lake, someone I didn’t even know had secured my boat to their dock, so that it would not be damaged y banging against the rocks. That is the kind of behave I would expect here at the lake.

Intentionally defacing someone’s property, and cutting the lines on their boat are both reprehensible acts. It is beyond belief that it happened here at Loon Lake.

Update: it appears the lines were cut sometime Monday night, after 7 PM. The boat was seen floating free early Tuesday Morning, before 7 AM. The State Police were contacted and were at the dock and boat early this morning.

Dog rescue

While out walking the dogs this morning, we came across two very bedraggled and exhausted beagles. I went back to camp and got my Gator and reading glasses. Corralled the dogs and checked their collars. One was Lindy Lou. I actually rescued her last Fall; so I knew where to take them. I put them in the dog crate on the Gator, and off we went.

The dogs’ camp is a mile back in the woods, behind Bass Lake, heading up towards Lookout Mountain.Turns out they had taken off yesterday afternoon.