Loon Lake Ice

The Southern lake is completely frozen. The Northern lake is not. Molasses Bay is about one third ice covered. The bay at the Mensink Road is also about a third ice covered.

Beautiful day, now. Crystal clear, bright sun.

It is definitely Winter

It is 20 degrees, windy, and we have about a foot of snow on the ground.

This was my last morning of duck hunting, this season. At least, around the lake. The pond where I usually hunt is just about frozen over. The last mile of road was not plowed, and I barely made it in with the truck. Porter opted to wait in the truck, indicating he would venture out only if I actually shot something. What a smart, warm dog.

Just made a big pot of mushroom stew. My wife does not like it when I put lots of peppers and mushrooms in my chili. So, I make chili, add the peppers and mushrooms, and call it mushroom stew. She is starting her Christmas baking. Fifteen varieties of cookies, making up about thirty trays. I love the way the house smells at this time of year.

Stay warm. Enjoy the snow.

Snow in Western New York

The lake effect storm in Western New York is ferocious. The thruway has been closed West of Rochester all the way to the PA line, since Monday. Four days.

I grew up in Fredonia, and remember the blizzard of 1977 quite vividly. The snow drifted over our school, which did not open in January (graduation was in July, that year). The snow piled up over eight feet high along our driveway. It was awesome. My younger brother was stranded in Buffalo at a TV station for three days. Stores ran out of milk, beer and bread.

Here is a current picture from WNY. I would caption it “OK kids, go out and play”



So I went up to put some garbage in the can at the head of the road. It should have been empty, as the pick up is on Friday. As I put the bag in the can, I got quite a shock. Looking up at me, from the bottom of the garbage can, was a huge raccoon. Scared the you-know-what out of me. I slammed it shut.

But I started thinking, maybe he can’t get out.

So I went back, and tipped the can over. He waddled out, looked at me, and headed off into the woods. Carrying a duck carcass.

Saturday morning

It’s morning like this that make me question my sanity. 4AM, 15 degrees, and out walking the dogs before going duck hunting. The ponds are freezing up, but I put out a small spread of decoys. Water is freezing, literally.

Called in some ducks, they circled and landed. Got one as they flew. Porter made the retrieve. As he left the water, he became covered with icicles, from the water dripping off his fur.

Suddenly, I was not cold, and really appreciated being out on the water. As I pulled the decoys, a bald eagle circled above me. A good morning.

Paula is planning on making a curry dish for dinner. Think mine will be curry duck.