Early Bear Season

Opens Saturday. They may be hunters in the woods, from this point forward, through the Fall.

Wear blaze orange. That includes your dogs, especially if they are off leash. I also recommend they wear a bell.

Adirondack Canoe Classic

Ends today on Lake Flower. This 90 mile, three day canoe race from Old Forge to Saranac Lake is an awesome event. I have done it seven times, twice solo. I am thinking of fielding a four person crew for next year.

The finish is spectacular. 275 boats– kayaks, canoes, guideboats. They will start crossing the finish line around 10:30 and continue through the afternoon. It will be a perfect day– if you happen to be in Saranac Lake today, stop by, cheer them on, and enjoy the excitement.

R.I.P., Moose

It is a sad day on Horsehead Point. The last of our first generation of dogs has passed. Moose, the Chocolate Lab, was 15, I believe.

The dogs of Horsehead Point lead wonderful lives. There are many, and they roam freely from camp to camp. Inside and out. Our kids have grown up with these dogs.

When my kids were younger, Moose would chase them down the hill as they rode their sleds, snatching the hats off their heads. He would run full steam right at me. I didn’t realize at first that he wasn’t going to stop.

In the last few years, as his eyesight failed and he became deaf, he would still amble over to our camp a couple of times each Summer. His tail wagging and thumping.

He was such a little pup (I wonder if his name actually was Mousse?). He grew into a broad, brawny dog. I once thought he was a bear, as he emerged from the woods.

Moose is gone; he has joined the other first generation dogs: Beauty, Toba, Sasha (also known as Saranac), and Millie.

If you should come out on Horsehead Point, please heed the sign: “Children and Dogs at Play.”