As the last week of August approaches, I am finding myself disgusted and shell-shocked by the national and international news. The only good thing out of the news lately seems to deal with ice water dunking and Little League.

I need a break.

I think we will unplug from social media, the news broadcasts, and email through September 1st.

So unless, there is an item of particular local interest here at the lake, you won’t hear about it from me.

I plan to spend as much time in the woods and on the lake, preferably underwater, as I can. Watch out for the old guy swimming, wearing a blaze orange swimcap.

Creating a Planning Board

The Plattsburgh Press Republican is reporting today about a presentation to the Franklin County Legislature to create a County Planning Board. Franklin County is one of a few counties in the State that does not have any Planning staff. The Town of Franklin likewise has no planning staff or Planning Board. The Town did create a Planning Board a few years ago, but it was immediately abolished by the newly elcected, forward-thinking and enlightened Board Members.

Effective Planning is essential to preserve the unique character of our communities and environment in the North Country. I am not a fan of total reliance on the Adirondack Park Agency, especially with their limited jurisdiction and convoluted regulatory processes.

Unfortunately, Planning does cost money, and there is no appetite locally to take on any additional tax burden or regulatory obligations.

Young Loon

It has been a few years since any of the loons in the vicinity of the lake have successfully raised a chick. While out on Fish Hole Pond this morning I observed a mature Loon with an immature Loon– almost full size, but with very different coloring.

Very nice.

Keith Brown, RIP

Keith Brown (the father, not the State Trooper), passed away this week. He was 55.

I used to run into Keith and the Brown boys while fishing, ice fishing, and hunting the lands around the lake.

Too young, and too soon. This struck home with me, as I turned 55 this week.

The lake is busy today

Several boats tubing. A small flotilla of canoes and kayaks. Several folks fishing from boats, canoes and shore. Water temp is @72.

Everyone seems to be getting out early, with storms in the forecast later today.