Big Game Season Opening

Regular gun season for Bear and Deer will open on Saturday.  Given the opening up of timber company lands surrounding Loon Lake under conservation easements, there may be more hunters in this area.

Wear orange while in the woods.  Your dogs as well (and a bell!).


While duck hunting early this morning, it began snowing, hard. The snow did stick to the bushes and trees, but seemed to melt on the ground.

No ducks, but we did get a Grouse.

As it was snowing hard, it seemed the perfect time to pull the jon boat for the year. It was a cold trip to the boat launch.

Pretty quiet at our end of the lake, this weekend.


Took the grandkids into the campsite off Goldsmith Road for a short hike. Made a fire and cooked hot dogs and made smores. Perfect day. There is one significant blowdown that needs to be cleared– right at the campsite.

On the drive back, we came upon a large male Moose, sitting in the middle of Goldsmith Road. He eventually got up, and walked along the road. Nothing wrong with him. Beautiful animal. One of the kids asked why he was lying in the middle of the road. My answer was, when you are that big, you pretty much can do whatever you want.

Of course, I did not have a camera or my phone with me.

This weekend

Upcoming is Columbus Day weekend and also Canadian Thanksgiving. The weather forecast looks good (no potential for snow!).

We will have a house full of family. They will be put to work, bringing in wood, pulling the dock, sailboat and swim float.

I will get my time to duck hunt early mornings, probably returning to camp before the others get up.

We will be having a roast turkey dinner to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. This holiday makes more sense to me in terms of timing than American Thanksgiving. We are still close enough to Summer that we have fresh local vegetables and produce for the meal. I am holding out for corn chowder…