For the first rime in three years, the trails to Standish, Lyon Mt. And GoldsmithRoad have been groomed. Although the trail is marked as temporarily closed on the powerline ROW just North of Inman, it has been groomed. At times it is double-wide.

Very nice!

Weekend Update update

What a fantastic day!

Porter and I spent several hours grouse hunting. We flushed three birds. Tough walking through about ten inches of snow– got a workout in.

We noticed the snowmobile trails were groomed and all gates open. Fired up both sleds and took them out for their shakedown/tune up runs. Few sleds out, perfect conditions.

Been running the dogs for much shorter time outside, given the cold temperature. All four are asleep, at my feet, in front of the fire.

A good day. Actually, a great day.

Weekend Update

Two degrees here, this morning! Crystal clear sky; the stars are beautiful.

We have about a foot of hard packed snow. Crunchy underfoot.

Will be a clear, cold day. A great one to get outside. I still won’t go out on the ice, but I am stressing less about watching the dogs.

Duck season has closed, but Grouse is open through the end of February.

Folks are shutting up their hunting camps. I expect many will shift from big game to rabbit/grouse now.


We received about a foot and a half of snow in this most recent storm. ┬áSaranac Lake Schools were closed yesterday– a rare event.

Loon Lake – frozen!

Did a quick reconnoiter around the lake. The entire surface is frozen, albeit thinly in certain spots. We have sunny blue skies right now. The temperature is still in the ‘teens. We may lose some ice cover to the sun, but I think probably not.

Next to ice out, this is the most stressful time for me at the lake, as a dog owner. I have to be much more careful with them off leash, until the ice solidifies and becomes weight-bearing.

Weekend update

Eight degrees here at the lake. Very crunchy four inch layer of snow on the ground. One of the dogs refused to get up and go out, it is so cold. Definitely an oatmeal morning.

Molasses Bay is frozen up past my camp, over to Surveyor point and Ollie’s camp.

I have pretty much been all over the woods surrounding the lake. Finding more signs of big game hunters, setting up just off the roads. Yesterday I was grouse hunting with Porter in an area where I don’t normally see human tracks. Found a fresh bait pile of carrots. Somewhat disturbing.