Canoe Misadventures

Two of our guests decided to take a paddle after dinner.  The water is still quite cold, and the wind was blowing at about 7 miles an hour out of the West.  Our bay was pretty calm, as it is protected on three sides, but the main body of the lake was quite choppy.

I insisted they wear life vests.  Not just take them, but wear them.  I got some back talk, but they obliged.

About 30 minutes later, i heard a boat pull up to our dock.  It was a neighbor across the lake, dropping off my two soaking wet guests.  They had flipped in the middle of the lake. My son had been out fishing and saw what looked like a capsized canoe.  Both boats arrived at the canoe at the same time and my son towed the canoe back to camp.

My guests were very fortunate there were boats on the lake.  They were in no condition to swim the canoe to shore, and were shivering when they got to camp.

They thanked me for being insistent about wearing the life vests.

Bridges reopened and road work update

Two bridges have reopened to two-way traffic.  The Post Office Bridge in Keene and the bridge over the Ausable in Wilmington have reopened.  Also, Whiteface Memorial Highway, up to the tollgate, is being repaved.  The work is about 60% complete.

The bridge in Keene Valley is still alternating one-way, and it appears they are preparing to start yet another bridge in Keene.

Memorial Day Weekend – 2015

It is presently 28 degrees here on the lake.  I just put the heat on to take the chill off.

Good news– the overnight cold probably took care of the current crop of black flies.  Which will be nice for outdoor activities.

The NYSDEC has issued a high fire danger alert.  The woods are very dry; they are recommending against outdoor fires, even for cooking.

My son and his family had a very close encounter with a BULL MOOSE on Alder Brook Road.  He literally reached out his arm, and touched the big guy.  Be careful driving.

Speaking of careful driving–  yesterday, I was passed by an idiot, who crossed the double yellow line, proceeded to  pass four cars, and caused an oncoming car to swerve off onto the shoulder.  Minutes later, he did the same thing, as we entered Keene.  Evidently, he did not see the State Trooper sitting there.  The Trooper saw him, though. 

Putting the swim float in today.  Anyone want to help with the wet work?  The water will be warmer than the air.

Enjoy, and be safe.

Burn ban modified

As temperatures have dropped, NYSDEC has reduced the fire threat to moderate.  This means camp fires and cooking fires are now allowed.  Please, still be careful. Earlier this week, their was a forest fire over near Rainbow Lake on Monegha Mountain.

Last night…

…was so quiet at the Lake.  The temperature hovered around 60.  It was overcast and there was no wind.  It was absolutely still.  There was no man-made noise at all, and nothing was moving in the woods. Then–  the Loons let us know they were on the lake!  What a beautiful noise.

Loon Lake Update

We are beginning to see more activity around the lake.  Camps are being opened by caretakers and owners.

The trees are beginning to leaf out.  The woods are still very dry– the ban on open burning is still in effect.  It was in the 50’s yesterday evening, a bit cool to sit on the porch. The temperature dropped to the mid 30’s overnight.  This may have killed off some of the flying insects.

Should be a good day today for outdoor projects.