Presidents’ Day Weekend

What a beautiful day.  It is actually too warm– about 45 degrees.  We have four to five feet of snow in the woods.  There is a layer of slush and then about 18 inches of snow on the lake itself.  Bright blue sky and a strong sun.

I went out snowshoeing from the top of Horsehead Point Road, making several random trails leading nowhere.  I thought about  bringing a gun for grouse, but opted for ski poles instead, given the snow depth.  At one point I took a break.  I packed the snow down around a small sapling so that I could  lean against it and rest, and smoke the cigar I didn’t have as I  had left it in the truck.   After  about five minutes a grouse exploded from under the snow, about ten feet from me.  It flew up and landed on a branch, about twenty feet from me.  It just sat there, looking at me.   I think it laughed.  The sporting hunter would wait for or make the grouse fly before taking a shot.  I had no gun.  But I did have an old ski pole, with no basket, and a metal tip.  I had the great idea that I could throw it like a spear.  So I did.  I came nowhere near the grouse (which flew as I launched the ski pole). I did manage to get the pole stuck up in a tree.

We have company this weekend ( including one of the grandkids).  My son in law is very handy with engines, so he tore down the carbs in one of the sleds, while I changed the gas.  It now runs great.  So I gave it to him, much to my daughter’s dismay.

We have a houseful of hungry people, so I am going out  to fire up the pizza oven.

Let’s be safe, not stupid

I have been reading several reports about snowmobile accidents and deaths, sleds falling through the ice, ice fisherman falling through the ice, etc.

It seems there have been more of these incidents this year.

The ice on lakes  is generally much thinner this year.  We also have had about two feet of heavy new snow over the past coupe of weeks.  This leads to a bad combination–  heavy snow on thin ice.

It would be nice to get through this holiday weekend without anyone falling in, or dying.



We are expecting a powerful snowstorm today at Loon Lake.  The National Weather Service is predicting 10-12 inches of new snow across Northern New York, starting late morning and continuing through early tomorrow.

About time!

NYSDEC developing management plan encompassing Loon Lake area

NYSDEC has issued a press release signaling its intent to develop a Unit Management Plan for the Debar Mountain Wild Forest.  These lands encompass all State Forest Preserve Lands between Loon Lake, Lake Kushaqua and Duane.  The summits of Debar and Loon lake Mountains are included.

This plan will in all likelihood complement the Unit Management Plan recently developed for the conservation easement lands formerly owned by International Paper, which include Grasse Pond, Fishole Pond, the approach trail to Loon Lake Mountain,  and the old Railroad/Powerline right of way.

NYSDEC has scheduled a public meeting to take comment and hear concerns to be held on March 1st at the Franklin Town Hall, at 6 PM.