Paul Smith’s name remains the same

The New York Supreme Court, sitting in Malone, has ruled against the request to change the name of the college in order for it to receive a$20 Million dollar gift.  Changing the name would be inconsistent with the terms of the will of Phelps Smith, who set up the college named after his father.

The decision could potentially be appealed.

Ron Duquette

Passed away today.  He had suffered from ALS for quite some time.  May he rest in peace.

Ron lived  on Route 26 in the house withthe interesting sign above the garage door.  Before his illness, he always waved when you passed him on the road.

Curried duck for dinner

It’s opening morning of early duck season.  I was up at 4 AM, getting three of the dogs settled, so Porter and I could go hunting.  Got to a neighboring pond at 5:30.  Got the decoys out and the blind and dog blind set.  I used a limited number of decoys, and no motion decoys.  Put Porter in his blind at 6:15.

We had our best hunt yet.  I wish I could say I called them in–  I didn’t .  We had several waves come in, some settled in with my decoys.  

Porter did great.  He was tethered, in his blind, behind my blind.  I did not want him spooking the ducks, or ruining my shot (like last year…..).  We worked hard on Steady all this year.  He did not move.  All of his retrieves were blind– meaning he did not see the bird fall.  He relied on his sense of smell with some direction from me.

All in all, a very successful morning.

Current Conditions at the Lake – updated

This could  be a great weekend.  There is a chance for some showers late Saturday, otherwise a beautiful, warm Summer weekend.  Not many of these left.

Friday was beautiful.  At one point, seven or eight porsches cruised by on Route 26.  Now that the road has been repaved, it would be fun to drive in a sports car.

We actually need significant rain.  The woods are dry–  the fire danger has been elevated by NYSDEC to high.

This is traditionally a guy’s weekend at my camp.  I have a couple of friends up who plan on fly fishing the North Branch of the Saranac.  They will help me pull the sailboat and swim platform for the season; I cannot complete these tasks alone.

Reminder– Fall is near, and Hunting will become a prevalent activity in our area.  Ruffed  Grouse season opens on Sunday.

The leaves are still just beginning to change on the ridges, and the lake is still quite warm at seventy degrees.  Get outside and enjoy.

Update: we had a tremendous rain storm last night.  A steady hard downpour for over an hour, around midnight.  When the rains stopped, the winds picked up.  Strong winds, blowing from the West.  Overnight, the temperature dropped considerably.  Saturday morning it was 64 degrees; this morning it was 44.  Went from shorts and t shirt to jeans and a sweatshirt to walk the dogs. Now it feels more like Fall.

Weekend update

It is raining now at the lake.  Rain threatened all a day and there was always moisture in the air.  Got most of our outdoor stuff in early.  Did get out to fish this afternoon.  No one else was on the lake.  Ended up just floating around one of the secluded  wild bays, enjoying the solitude. Alone, except for three loons.

The most activity around the lake was on Mensink road. More than half the camps were occupied. Some playing going on, but also lots of work. 

Generally, very quiet.

Labor Day weekend at the lake

The weather has been just perfect.  I cannot recall another totally bug free, clear sky, Sunny, warm water Labor  Day weekend.

Yesterday we went into the Hobofest and listed to a couple of the groups.  Fun sitting in the park.  Different atmosphere now that the event is alcohol-free.  

We have spent the last couple of afternoons on the water–  swimming, kayaking and canoeing.  It seems many others have as well–  we counted 20 quiet- water craft on the water.

Our grandkids have become fast friends with the grandkids across the bay.  The weekend has been punctuated with ferrying kids back and forth, picking up kayaks, fishing poles, eating smores, etc.  good news–  two more grandkids expected at the lake over the next couple of weeks/months.

Even Paula went swimming; the water was warm enough for her under the afternoon sun.

Several of our Summer residents have already departed– in doing so, they missed the best weekend of the season.

Will spend today cleaning up at camp.  Will pull the swim float and sailboat for the season, and expect a load of firewood to arrive shortly.  The leaves are starting to turn on the ridges surrounding the lake.