There are a couple of packs of coyotes active in the vicinity of the Lake.  They were heard last night on the old golf course.  Be careful as you walk along Route 26; be careful with your dogs and cats.

NYSDEC Recreation Management Plan for Kushaqua Tract – CORRECTED

NYSDEC has issued a revised RMP for the Kushaqua Tract:

They will hold a public hearing on September 1st at their Region 5 Headquarters in Ray Brook at 7 PM.

Earlier, I incorrectly noted that the RMP would open  up Tower Road to vehicular (car, snowmobile and ATV) traffic.  I was wrong.  Tower Road  will be open to nonvehicular use only.  No change to the hiking trail.  The  Loon Lake Mountain Trailhead  remains unchanged.

Loon Lake Mountain Road will be open to vehicles, snowmobiles and ATVs.  This road starts in Inman, off the old D&H railroad right of way.  It is marked now as Rock Street.  It crosses the pass between two of the lesser Loon Lake Mountains and heads over towards Rainbow Lake.  There are several private hunting camps in this area, each within a one acre camp envelope of private land.  The plan recommends the development of three car-camping sites along this five mile road.  This road will  provide an alternative  to the D&H railroad right of way  route over to Rainbow Lake/Buck Pond/Kushaqua Lake. 

Miltary maneuvers?

I was out with the dogs this morning, around 5:30 AM.  A prop plane flew over me, heading due West.  About 30 seconds later, another followed in the path of the first.  Then a third plane, then a fourth.  All exactly the same type of plane, matching speed and heading.

We occasionally hear a plane or helicopter up here at the lake.  Most often, it is a helicopter inspecting the power line that runs along the old railroad right of way.  I cannot recall ever hearing and seeing four planes at the same time.  I only mention it here, because it is so unusual.

All I can think is that Loon Lake  is in line East to West with the Air Base in Burlington, Vermont and Fort Drum.  I don’t think these small prop planes were on a bombing training run.  Perhaps they were just transporting people to the Army base.

Back to my coffee……

Early August

and things are good in the Adirondacks.  Lake Placid and Saranac Lake are hopping.  The High Peak trailheads are      overflowing with hikers.  The boat launches are at capacity.  People are flooding North for their vacations.

Here at the lake it is extraordinarily quiet.  We have had dead calm wind conditions the last two days.  This morning it is very still (and shaping up to being a stellar day).  Very little activity on the lake.  Maybe five motor boats went by the camp yesterday.  There was a a flotilla of canoes rafted up out in Molasses  Bay, and an infrequent solo kayaker.  The most ruckus came from my dogs as they headed down to the water to swim.

Last evening we were treated to an extended Loon chorus from out on Molasses Bay. They were in fine form.  More of a vocal duel than a duet.

It is fifty degrees this morning, heading to seventy.  Enjoy– it does not get better!

Special Loon Lake Live! Concert to honor Lori Berkowitz Lax

 Loon Lake Live musicians will be performing a preview concert in Loon Lake on Sunday July 26th at 7:30 pm in preparation for our scheduled Monday evening 7:30 pm concert at the Historic Saranac Laboratory, 89 Church St, Saranac Lake. The Sunday evening preview concert will take place at 33 Loon Lake Terrace in the great room of Balsam, the longtime summer home of Lori Berkowitz Lax. This is especially meaningful to us since Lori was a founding member of Loon Lake Live. She loved when Balsam was filled with the sounds of practice and rehearsing. The great room has plenty of space, but if you have a lightweight folding chair you may want to bring it in case we run out of seating.

Lori was a super fan of every one of the composers featured on our program. Russian composer Alexander Borodin, Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly, Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, and American composer John Winn. All but one of these feature lovely tunes for the viola, Lori’s main instrument. She will surely be there in spirit. You can be there in person.