Spring weather

Fifty degrees and high winds today.  Had some heavy rain and thunder, as well.  Our road is a mess.  Needed the yaktrax to walk safely.  

All the snow has melted off our roof.  There is some open water around the inlets to the waterbodies around the lake, including in Washbourn bay.

Finding all the toys the dogs hid in the snow over the winter.

Not great weather for outdoor activities.

The wind is really whipping.

Another great day

Second day in row the forecast was for rain.  It was sunny, clear and around 55 to 60.  The snow has melted off the lake.  Early this morning, the ice was beautiful clear-green color.  Paula sat out in the Sun for a bit.  I took the dogs for a very long walk.

It looks like we are in for a few cold nights, this weekend.


Sixty degrees and Sunny here at the lake this afternoon.  Clear blue sky, strong West winds.  Paula and I took the dogs for a long walk around the lake.  I wore a sweatshirt, and did not wear my winter boots.  Saw a really high flight of geese, migrating North.  Paula could not see them.  Porter heard them, and wanted to pursue….

Maybe, just maybe, we have turned the corner and are heading towards Spring.

Trout Season Opens!

Saw one fisherman on the North Branch of the Saranac River, yesterday.  The river, at the base of the hill leading up to Loon Lake, is running fast and clear.  DEC does stock in this area, but I don’t think they have stocked here yet, this year.

Update- March 28th

Well, it is still Winter here at the Lake!  The snow is slowly receding, but we do have about 5 new inches this past week, including 2 fluffy inches overnight.  13 degrees right now.

At least one of our full time residents who escapes South for a few months has returned.  He missed January, February and most of March.  I cannot remember another stretch of consistently cold weather.  Usually we have had a thay, and a few days where I could pull out a lawn chair, stick it on a snow bank, and enjoy the warmth of the sun.  Not yet……

Paula is continuing her indoor painting project.  I spend a lot of time outside with the dogs, trying to keep them off the lake.

Trout season opens Wednesday.  Good luck with that!

Weekend update – March 14th

It is still very much Winter here at the lake.  The snow is melting, but slowly.  The banks along the roads have receded somewhat, but are still around 2 feet high.  I have retired the heavy coat, but still wear the winter boots.  The next four or so weeks as we try to get to Spring are the toughest and longest for me, as it is hard to do things outdoors during this shoulder season.

I told Paula I wish we owned Sugar Maples, as the best outside activity in the short term appears to be gathering sap for syrup.

It is still possible to snowmobile, but harder to ride over to the trails.  The roads are no longer snow covered, so I need to trailer the sleds over to Inman.  Way too much effort.

The snow is crusty enough that you really don’t need snowshoes– except for about every fourth step, when you fall through to your thigh.  The snow in the  woods is still about two feet deep.

Ice on the lake is still solid and will be so for weeks.  Ice shanties for fishing have to be removed from all lakes by this Sunday.

I will spend sometime in the workshop today, prepping and hoping  for fishing season, while Paula starts painting  bedroom ceilings.