Beautiful Sunday at the Lake, May 23rd

Sunny and clear, approaching sixty degrees. Took Porter out to train, both upland and in the water.  The other dogs won’t go in yet.  Cut more fuel for the wood-fired pizza oven.  Sitting on the porch, eating yesterday’s  pizza, watching the lake.

Yesterday, I put on waders and walked around the Point, fishing. Had fun, but no strikes.  Water level is high, but that is to be expected at this time of year.

This past week, I have seen or heard loons, geese,  ducks, ravens,  a beaver, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, an owl, a big old Tom turkey, and many songbirds. Welcome back, Spring.

Logging on Loon Lake Mountain

I finally took a walk up Tower Road to look at the aftermath of the logging that occurred  at the end of last year.

The upper mountain, above the junction where the trail leaves the road, is in great shape. Most of the logging appears to have occurred mid Mountain.  Tower Road is a mess up to what appears to have been the main staging area.  Above that, the heavy  equipment left the road and moved through the woods.  In fact, you can see a newly created logging trace paralleling the road, above the staging area.  The woods have been opened up, which is good for the health of the forest, as well as the wildlife living there.

The mid section of Tower Road is very eroded and damaged.  It is not passable with a pick up truck.  The erosion will only get worse, if measures are not put in place to stabilize the road and control the drainage.

Faster internet at Loon Lake

One of the frustrating aspects of living out here in the remote Northern Adirondacks is the lack of high speed internet.  We started out here with a dial up connection.  We upgraded to HughesNet in about 2008. The satellite internet was barely adequate.  Very slow with two of us working on line.  Even slower now that everyone has a smartphone or iPad.  I used to plan ahead for work and download files to my computer, rather than bank on being able to access my work servers.

I received a notice about an upgrade to HughesNet generation 5.  We had the upgrade installed today. New dish and new modem.  Install took less than an hour.


Paula and I can both work on line simultaneously.  We are experiencing speeds similiar to our Verizon Fios service down in Albany.  I am accessing my work servers.  Photos upload very quickly.  So far, I am very impressed.

I am even more impressed in that my monthly cost has gone DOWN.

Winter holding on, here at Loon Lake

We received about 3 to 5 inches of snow overnight.  Currently we have high winds– gusting over 20 MPH, out of the West.  The weather will improve steadily throughout the weekend, and we expect temperatures in the 70’s on Monday and Tuesday.

The snow banks are receding, but there still is  a good base of snow in the woods. Lyme Timber has put mudlocks on all of the gates over on the Kushaqua Tract.

Signs of wildlife are all over– this is the time of year when food sources are most limited.  We have wild turkeys chewing on the bushes around our camp.  Rabbit tracks are everywhere.

Spending most of my time on projects in the shop.  I do need to get out and get the wood duck boxes set for this year’s residents.