Reminder: No outdoor fires

The woods surrounding Loon Lake are extremely dry.  NYSDEC has imposed a statewide ban on open burning.  Last year’s leaves and pine needles blanket the ground and are perfect tinder for a fire.  All it takes is a small spark, and some wind, and we have a problem.

There are forest fires near Schroon Lake and also further South near Minnewsaska.  All have been contained.

Be careful.

Beautiful Day at the Lake

Sunny, blue sky, about fifty degrees, with little wind.

I spent the morning gathering more rock for the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven project.  Finding the rock is easy.  All I need to do is drive around until I find a bank along side the road that the Town of Franklin Highway Department has cut back.  For the life of me, I do not understand why they do this, and why they leave the banks in such  unstable conditions. Over the Winter, the banks have eroded further, causing small rocks to break free, and roll down onto the road shoulder.  Most of the rocks are of perfect size for my ongoing project.  I like to think I am doing someone a favor by removing the rocks from the road– the bicyclist, walker, or even the car driver who hugs the right hand side of the road.

While out and about I noticed that someone has put the dock back in at the LLHOA boat launch site.  The wheeled dock is in the water, but the gangplank has not been installed. Not a big deal– anyone in the water right now is wearing boots or waders.  Inspired me to get the jonboat ready to launch.

The day was so nice, we went into Saranac Lake and climbed up Baker.  Many other folks, kids and dogs had the same idea.

Still very quiet around the lake.  Not much human activity today.

Fire Danger

Both the NYSDEC and the National Weather Service are warning us about increased fire danger in the Northern Adirondacks.  Although we had a bit of rain last night, the woods remain exceptionally dry.  NYSDEC has issued a fire warning of “high” while the  NWS notes the brisk West winds we are expecting today will dry out the rain from last night, and increase the risk that any fire could spread rapidly.

As such, all open burning is highly discouraged.

Earth Day at Loon Lake

Interesting weather.  Intermittent sunshine, clouds, light rain, wind and then it cycles through again.  Temperature in the low 60’s.

Had the dogs retrieving in the water for a bit.  They were very excited.  This is the earliest I have had them in.  We kept the retrieves short and only threw a few.

I spent several hours on my usual Earth Day activity.  I picked up trash on Route 26, from Lakeview to just past the Loon Lake Mountain Trailhead.  Just over three miles.  I spend a lot of time on this particular stretch of road, all year and don’t like looking at litter.

It is interesting to scour the road shoulders for trash.  You learn or guess a lot about people.  By far the vast majority of the cans I found were Bud Lite.  And they were all on the Southeast side of the road.  Was this one guy, on multiple trips? several guys on one trip?  One guy drinking a lot?  Was he driving?   Assuming the drinker was a passenger, given the location of the cans, I would surmise the vehicle was headed to the lake, from Duane.

I found one Genesee can.  I have not seen this beer in decades.  The only imported beer can found were two Labatt’s cans.

98 pecent of the cans were for light beer.  What does this say about litterers?  They care about their weight, but not the environment?

I found a lot of coffee cups, as well.  Mostly from Stewart’s, and mostly on the Northwest side of the road.  Are they from people  on their way to work?  I would surmise these are folks driving to work, cutting over from Duane.  I did find one Starbucks cup.

Very few soda and sports drink bottles.

Maybe I am all wrong.  Or maybe the drivers are drinking coffee, and the passengers are drinking beer.

I also saw three deer, one loon, three hooded mergansers, four mallards,  a rabbit with very big feet, and a large turtle (crossing the road).  None were drinking Bud Lite.

Ice out!!

The ice went out on Loon Lake, Sunday, April 17th.  This is about two weeks earlier than last year.

Two pair of Loons have been spotted of Horsehead Point.

65 and clear, now.  Will stay in the 50’s through the weekend.

Weekend Update – April 9th

Winter seems to have returned, at least momentarily.

We had about an inch of snow overnight, blanketing the road, woods and lake.  Loon Lake  has refrozen around the edges.  At the moment, we have sunny and clear conditions; the temperature is 15 degrees, on its way to a high of about 30.

I had planned on spending the day gathering rock for the outdoor wood-fired pizza oven project.  I think those plans are on hold given the snow cover. I will probably do some more decoy carving.  Looks like a good day for a fire as well. April is alway a difficult time, as Spring slowly gets started up here.  More often than not, I end up grilling dinner outside.  In a snowstorm.

Think I will keep the snows on the truck just a little while longer.