Weekend Update – Nov 20th

I love this time of year here at camp. The leaves are down, there is no snow, and winter has yet to really set in.  The days are short, however.

I would have thought the woods would be quiet this weekend, as Southern Zone big game season opened Saturday.  I actually saw more hunters out and about today than I have all season.  Today I saw ducks, geese, grouse, turkeys, squirrels, a chipmunk and deer.  There were also three cars parked at the Loon Lake Mountain Trailhead. Many of the outlying ponds are covered withice early in the  morning.

We lost power for several hours on Thursday, starting late in the afternoon.  Something happened at a substation down on Route 3 near Trudeau’s.  

At least one more tax map parcel has been sold by Loon Gulf.  This one is over near the junction  of Mensink and Blue Spruce, crosses over the North Branch of the Saranac River to  the road  to Kushaqua.  The land has been posted– it appears to have been purchased by some folks from Plattsburgh to use for hunting.

Time to light the fire.

Indian Fall

We have had a couple  of very nice days here at the lake.  This morning it was in  the mid 40s,  sunny, blue sky, with strong winds.  The woods are very active. Leaves are down, so visibility is great.  Most hunting camps are occupied; I tend to see the deer hunters heading out as I come in from duck hunting.  With the time change last week, I think I am actually getting up before I go to bed…..Folks are still climbing up Loon Lake Mountain–  there always seem to be a few cars at the trailhead.

The State Police were in the area today, checking on the  seasonal camps and posting a few new ones.

I have not seen anyone out on the lake.  Water temperature is 42 degrees.  The ponds that had skim ice late last month are now ice free, thanks to the warmer temperatures and wind.

I took advantage of the nice weather to finish up  the outside chores– getting the camp ready for Winter.

The fire is going, the dogs are sleeping and I am looking forward to one of Paula’s fabulous meals.  

Route 26 closed

Monday and Tuesday, between Inman and Duane.  The County is finishing the paving at the Duane end.

I did not notice the street closed sign until I returned from hunting in that  area this morning.  We went out for duck, and then grouse.  Porter is getting quite a workout.   It is a beautiful Fall day at Loon Lake.

Ducks are beginning to pass through as they migrate South.  Grouse are becoming more evident, as well.  Like the one that walked in front of my truck, as I was unloading my duck gun. Just looked at me, and kept on walking…..

Pulled the dock this morning and will drop the Whaler off for Winter storage tomorrow.

Weekend Update – Oct 23rd

It is Sunday Morning– quite windy, with a light drizzle.  Most leaves are down, increasing visibility in the woods.

Loon Lake is quite dark and thick– the temperature is 45.  Had the dogs in yesterday for some water retrieves; cut it short because it was cold.  They weren’t wearing waders.  Still need to pull the dock….

There is activity around the lake, as some camps get closed up for the Winter.  Bubblers are active around the boathouses.  Saw a realtor showing many of the camps listed for sale around the lake.  Wood is being delivered to those of us here year-round.

Folks are still hiking up Loon Lake Mountain.  This is actually the hardest time of year to hike, as the freshly down leaves tend to cover the trail.  The woods belong to the hunters right now.  All seasons are open.  Hunting camps are occupied, and gun shots can be heard.  I have been out for waterfowl and grouse.  The 4 AM wakeup alarms are getting harder to honor (just wait for the time change).  

If you venture out, please wear some blaze orange– and that means your dogs, as well.  I put a bell on Porter when he is with me in the woods– off lead.  Be careful.

Grouse Hunting

Porter and I went out both days this weekend, even though conditions were less than ideal.  Snow and rain, with a good percentage of leaves still on the  trees.  We saw nothing yesterday.  Today, I heard two, but did not see either bird.

And then, on our way home, a grouse flew across my windshield, as I turned down our road..  It would have been a great crossing shot, about five feet in front of me.  Oh well.  When I got home, I walked the other dogs.  We flushed two grouse in the bushes across from the camp.  I think one of the dogs actually managed to relieve himself on one of the birds,  causing it to fly.  

It is still below freezing.  Fire going strong.  Could not pull the Whaler–  the cooling water was frozen…  Will get the boat out sometime this week.