Watchin’ the weather

I have spent a great afternoon, sitting on the screened-in porch, watching a series of thunderstorms roll over the lake.  The Goldens are sleeping  at my feet.  The Stabyhouns are hiding in far corner of the canoe room.  Just as the rain and thunder abates, it picks up again with renewed  vigor.  The storm came infrom an unusual direction– the SouthEast.  This porch makes me really appreciate the camp, as I think about all the storms I endured while camping in the Adirondacks.

I was sittinghere reading Feathers  ‘n Fins by Tom Hennessey,until it got too dark to read.  I gave up, and made a gin and tonic.

The rain gauge says we have received almost 2 inches of rain.  My son and d-i-l went out for the afternoon, leaving us with our six month old grand daughter.  She has been sitting out here, with me, watching the storm.  No fear of the constant thunder ( a new boomer every  30 seconds).

The water is Cold….

It is shaping up to be a hot, potentially stormy, Memorial Day weekend.  Much activity will be focused on the lake itself.  Remember, the water is still quite cold.  I had to wear waders only two weeks ago up here, and we had two inches of snow then, as well.

So if you are out on the water, in a canoe or kayak, please consider wearing a lifevest.  I can recall three instances over the past decade of canoes swamping on Memorial Day Weekend, two in the middle of the lake. The paddlers quickly became hypothermic.  Please be careful.

The lake is busy this weekend.  All my neighbors are here on the Point.  Our newest Grand daughter is here for the weekend– what a joy she is.

I have been sitting on the porch since about 5 AM.  Two kayaks have paddled by already (hence, this post).  I am listening to a wild turkey gobble from the hill above Closson’s camp on Route 26.  Very vocal this morning.  Calling at least once a minute. Hard to keep the dogs from responding.

I made a pot of coffee this morning for everyone here at camp.  But I just finishd it off myself.

Enjoy the day, and be safe.

Memorial Day Weekend Memories.

I always have looked forward to this weekend in in the mountains.  You never quite know what to expect.  Back in 1992, I led a hike up Hurricane Mountain on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, and attended the Adirondack 46ers banquet and meeting in Keene  Valley that night.  The daytime temperature was in the mid 80s. We slept  overnight in the back of my Toyota truck.  We woke up to silence– the truck cap was coated with four inches of snow.  We decided to do an easy hike– Sawteeth, from the Ausable Club. We were constantly pelted with ice, meting off the trees. Many  of the backpackers in the woods  were quite unprepared  for the  drastic change in the weather.

25 years later, I have this fantastic camp on Loon Lake.  Here, if we have bad weather, the automatic generator kicks in, and we still have freshly ground coffee in the morning.  I may hike up Loon Lake Mountain, but will probably end up fishing, smoking a cigar. I love it.

But I do miss sleeping in the back of the truck, boiling water while laying in my sleeping bag, drinking tea, and deciding what mountain to climb.  Just going with the flow. Everything was much simpler back then.

Mensink Road Boathouse – Update

Both the Loon Lake Homeowners’ Association and  the adirondack advocacy group Protect the Adirondacks filed comments with the APA regarding the boathouse project.   The original permit contained a prohibition against boathouses, to protect the lake.  The requested permit amendment would remove this prohibition.  Both the LLHOA and Protect! objected  to the removal of the prohibition, citing the dangerous precedent this would establish.

Mensink Road Boathouse

I spoke with Ariel Lynch, an Environmental Program Specialist with the APA.  She would not commit to extending the comment period beyond May 25th; nor would she commit to soliciting input from the LLHOA.

I filed brief comments, as follows:

I am a resident of Loon Lake and own shoreline property across the lake from this proposed project. I do not have major objection to this particular boathouse. That being said, I am concerned about the potential ramifications approving this permit amendment might have on future such requests. I am more concerned about the cumulative impact of a proliferation of boathouses, and how that would impact Loon Lake. Permit 91-34 specifically addresses prohibiting boathouses and the need to protect shoreline character and aesthetics for this very reason.

If I had to predict the outcome, I believe this boathouse will be approved.


New boathouse on Mensink Road? – Update

It appears that an application  for a permit to construct a boathouse on Mensink Road was filed  with the Adirondack Park Agency in April.  Mention is made of the application in the regulatory  programs mailing materials for the May 2016 APA Board meeting.

Comment deadline is May 25th.

I filed a freedom of information request this afternoon regarding the application and already received a response.  I have forwarded the material on to the homeowner’s association and suggested they  post the material on their website.  Too voluminous to post it here.

This is the same project as originally proposed last year.  It looks like the attorney, Janet Bliss, has been replaced by a real estate agent, Brian Draper, as the owner’s representative.

If you provide me with an email address, I would be happy to forward the FOIL response to you.