Special Loon Lake Live! Concert to honor Lori Berkowitz Lax

 Loon Lake Live musicians will be performing a preview concert in Loon Lake on Sunday July 26th at 7:30 pm in preparation for our scheduled Monday evening 7:30 pm concert at the Historic Saranac Laboratory, 89 Church St, Saranac Lake. The Sunday evening preview concert will take place at 33 Loon Lake Terrace in the great room of Balsam, the longtime summer home of Lori Berkowitz Lax. This is especially meaningful to us since Lori was a founding member of Loon Lake Live. She loved when Balsam was filled with the sounds of practice and rehearsing. The great room has plenty of space, but if you have a lightweight folding chair you may want to bring it in case we run out of seating.

Lori was a super fan of every one of the composers featured on our program. Russian composer Alexander Borodin, Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly, Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, and American composer John Winn. All but one of these feature lovely tunes for the viola, Lori’s main instrument. She will surely be there in spirit. You can be there in person.


The Lake Placid Ironman race is this weekend.  lake Placid will be jam packed with people.  Driving between Lake Placid, Wilmington and Keene will be disrupted.

Police are recommendingte routes, or expect significant delays. 

We tend to approach the lake from Plattsburgh on Ironman weekend.  This is our bad weather route, and adds 15 minutes to the trip.  Combine it with lunch at the Naked Turtle……

Prison Break – Recap

This week, the Plattsburgh Press Republican is running a series of articles recapping the timeline and events surrounding the escape of two inmates from Dannamora.  A very intersting read.

I must say I am very impressed with the quality, detail and timeliness of the PR’s coverage.  Certainly not their typical story; they really stepped up and beat out the regional and national media coverage.

Great work.

In Portland, Maine

where I would probably live, if I did not live in the Adirondacks.  I do like it here.  Close to mountains, and right on the ocean.  I am looking at a beautiful small lobster boat.  I would have that boat, instead of my Boston Whaler, if I lived here.

I had a revelation this early this morning, while sitting on a pier, drinking coffee.  Stay with me….. 1. i refuse to go to anything Disney related. 2.  The only TV I watch is baseball and college basketball.  3.  I could really care less about Bruce Jenner. 4.  Donald Trump– enough said. 5. I read the NY Times daily.

I have become my Father.