Major March Snowstorms

I was talking with a friend out here at the lake today.  I was commenting on the annual occurrence of a significant snow storm evey year, just as I am done with Winter and ready for Spring.  Every year.  We were trying to figure out the cause and we think we found the answer.

Every year, one of our year-round residents heads south for a bit of warmth and sun, usually just after the holidays.  He comes back up in March.  Usually, right after he gets back, we get a big storm.  Every year.  We think there is a definite link.  So much so, that from now on, we will attribute the big March storm to “the Blendowski effect.”

Maple Weekend

As I look out the window this morning, it is snowing steadily, with the little wind.  There is a ton of snow on the ground, but the roads tend to dry down to pavement during the day.  This could be a good outdoor weekend.  The weather is always unpredictable in late March, and you never know what sort of conditions you will encounter.

This is also the second (and last) Maple weekend.  Paula and I will head up to a Maple syrup farmer in West Chazy tomorrow.  Possibly have some pancakes.

When it comes to maple syrup, I am a purist.  I like dark amber (what used to be grade B), and I prefer syrup from extreme Northern New York– Northern Franklin, St. Lawrence or Essex Counties.  So I cannot explain why the syrup in my fridge right now says “New England Maple Syrup”.  How could that of happened?  My only explanation is that maybe my Brother’s family brought it with them when they visited from Cape Cod.  Never fear, I will not use it, and will replenish my supply for the year on Saturday in West Chazy.

What a storm– Stella

Wow. Our road out onto the Point did not get plowed out until Thursday.  Tom Bartiss came through and cleared the road.  There was a very high  drift out on Route 26. Here are photos of the road leading up to and past our camp. 

And to think, on Monday afternoon I sat out back in a T Shirt, with a cigar  and a beer, playing with the dogs, enjoying the long  afternoon of sunlight and warmth.

Whiteface has the best conditions yet for the season.  The snowmobile trails are reopening, at least through the weekend.  Ice fishing is iffy.  There is a lot of snow on the ice, and there is a thick layer of slush right on top of the ice.

Welcome to March, which has had more Winter than February.  

The cold returns

The temperature will dip below zero tonight at Loon Lake.  We could see wind chill tomorrow around 30 below.  This weather will actually improve conditions for the Lake Colby Ice Fishing contest.

Snowmobiling is essentially over for this year.  The old rail road/power line ROW is no longer being groomed.  It has been icy, rutted, with bare spots for a couple of weeks.  Runoff also causes open water to run across the trail, creating a slushy mess.

I think I will wait for it to warm up to seventeen below tomorrow before I fire up the outdoor pizza oven.  At least my beer will stay cold. And the flies should not be too bad.  Especially if I light a cigar– they don’t like smoke.