Good neighbors

It was a beautiful  day on the lake today.  Paula went out on the Whaler with me– she laid out in the  sun, while I fished the shoreline.

I gassed the boat last Saturday, and have really not used it much, this week– maybe a couple of hours.  So it was quite a shock to me when I ran out of gas just after clearing the narrows.  We put in at the Prince Camp boathouse, where Neil Sidrane was kind enough to run me back to camp for gas in his 13 foot Whaler.  I had not met Neil before, and enjoyed learning the history of his extended family roots at Loon Lake.

So how could I have run out of gas?  I have come up with three possible explanations.  First, I leave the vent cap open, so maybe it evaporated.  But it has not been that hot up here.  Second, someone helped themselves to the gas.  I think the dogs wood have alerted me.  Third, my two grand  daughters went joyriding at night while I was asleep.  This is most likely, and they would have taken the  dogs with them.  It certainly wasn’t my fault.

Paula asked if I checked the gauge before I left camp.  I said yes– but it is not very accurate, as it read “almost” empty, so I disregarded it.  Won’t do that again. Or admit to it, at least.

When I run the boat on the Hudson, I carry a spare two gallons of gas with me, just in case.  Will probably start doing that on the lake as well.  And will pay more attention to the tank…

Adirondack Rail Trail

Yesterday we rode a quad railbike from Lake Clear to Saranac Lake, with Adirondack Rail Explorers.  This is the third time I have made this trip.  It may be the last– the rails are slated to be removed next year, between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid.  The rails will be replaced with a multi-use, paved path, suitable for regular bikes inthe Summer, and snowmobiles in the Winter.

I think this is a good move, and will open up the trail to more users.  The rail bikes are somewhat expensive, and the rails limit the usability of the trail  by snowmobiles.  We have a similar trail (unpaved) up here at Loon Lake, running along the old D&H railroad right of way, which is now home to the Niagara Mohawk Power line.  I use this trail several times a week.

Down near our home in Glenmont, a paved rail trail recently opened, running from the Port of Albany to the hamlet of Slingerlands.  We often ride our bikes  on this  trail and always see many other people walking, riding, running and skating.​

mid week update



So the oldest two grand daughters are here for a few days, without their parents.  I need some sleep.

Yesterday was pretty typical. They helped me walk the dogs before breakfast.  After we ate, they carried and stacked wood for the wood-fired pizza oven, as I split it down into kindling pieces.  They then did crafts with Nana.  We hiked into a campsite on the Saranac River for lunch– hotdogs and s’mores. back at the house I took them kayaking and swimming.  More crafts with Nana.  After dinner two movies, similar themes.  My favorite — The Secret of Roan Inish, followed by classic Don Knotts– The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

Today we will pedal a quad rail bike from Lake Clear to Saranac Lake.  This will be interesting, as Paula has a sprained ankle and cannot put any weight on her foot. I think this will actually become “I” will pedal a quad rail bike…… Tonight we make the first pizzas in the pizza oven.

Weekend Update from the Lake — August 21

The operative word is quiet. Yesterday was a classic August Saturday.  Warm, Sunny, no bugs and beautiful water.  There was just enough wind that a small sailboat rounded Horsehead Point out of Molasses Bay. Althhough you sensed people in the camps around the lake, there was an overwhelming sense of peace and quiet.  You could occasionally hear music across the water, and last night we had about five minutes of firecrackers (not fireworks), but even this was not intrusive.

I spend most of yesterday around camp–  Paula is recovering from  a nasty spill and a sprained ankle, and I had already given  all the servants the weekend off.  So I functioned as a set of legs for someone who cannot be idle. I am also in the process of tempering the pizza oven–  building a series of fires, gradually increasing the temperature, over several days.  The dogs spent most of their time in the water.  I was throwing retreiving dummies for them, when a lone Mallard hen swam out from behind the dock and right into the mix.  Bedlam ensued.  I think she probably flew over to Vermont and won’t be back anytime soon.

The eldest two grand daughters arrive tomorrow.  Looking forward to their assistance in completing the photo essay on remnant chimneys.  Will also take them on the rail explorer bikes from Lake Clear to Saranac Lake.  Will teach the 8 year old how to pilot the Whaler, while we troll (meaning I get to sit back, smoke a cigar, while she tries to avoid hitting land).


Mensink Road Boathouse

The APA recently issued a notice that they were treating this application as a material change in permit conditions, and thus would be classified a major project.  The application is still incomplete.  The APA is solociting written comments, and noted that there would be yet another chance to submit written comment once the application is deemed to be complete.

The APA point of contact is Ariel Lynch, the project is APA Project No. 2016-0170.

Weekend Update – August 14

Don’t blink—  the sun was just out, for a fleeting instant.

I am not complaining, we needed the rain yesterday.  Not sure what today will bring.

We got to see most of our neighbors on the Point yesterday, as we celebrated the Rhodehamel’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was nice; I cannot remember any other  instance when so  many of us were together at the same time.

Pretty quiet up here.  One piece of news– Bob Weber is rebuilding!  Forms for new foundation walls are in place to replace the log cabin on Mensink Road.

I am heading out on the Jon Boat now, tempting it to rain again.

Busy weekend – July 29th

The lake is hopping this weekend.  

On Sunday, we have the Loon Lake  Homeowners’ Association annual picnic at the beach.  Always a good time to reconnect with our neighbors.  A great opportunity for folks that live on opposite ends of the lake to connect.

Sunday night, Loon Lake Live! will be playing at the Jewish Center.  How fortunate we are to have this group of talented folks in our midst each Summer.

Some of you may recall my fascination with the Alpinhorn (stemming from attending too many Octoberfests).  Turns out, a neighbor at the lake has one, and is willing to let me play it.  My background is in violin and piano; I have never played a horn.  I apologize in advance to my neighbors.

I have been reading about the fatal hit and run accident between two boats on Lake George.  It makes me appreciate how quiet our lake is, and how conscientious our boat pilots are.  Alcohol, boats, speed and darkness do not mix.  It has always amazed me that you need a license to drive a car or fly a plane; yet anyone can pilot a boat. 

Be safe.