Fourth of July– weekend update

Don’t forget–  annual meeting of the Homeowner’s Association today, at Noon.

It has been pretty quiet here this weekend.  Fireworks occured mostly on Friday night, although someone in Inman set off a few good ones last night that were just visible over the treeline.

Saw one boat tubing yesterday, and two fishing.  A handful of canoes and kayaks.  Music from two camps last night–  muted, and it ended early.  The most vocal sound–  the family of ducks that lives on the lake just down from my camp.  Drove the dogs nuts.

Must be doing something right.  The first morning my grand daughters were here, they got up with me at 5 AM.  The last two mornings–  7:15.  Although one did wake me up at 4 AM to complain that Saske (the dog) was hogging the bed. Been a long time since I have been woken up out of a sound sleep by a little face standing next to the bed.

Today–  starting sunny, clear, warm and calm.  Should be a good day.

Loon Lake Camps for sale

As I visit with friends around the lake, I was struck by the number of camps that are for sale.  By my count, there are twenty on the market. The breakdown:

Northern Lake: three camps, all waterfront, all high-end; two are year round

Bass Lake:  four  camps, one is year round.

Route 26, Southern Lake: two seasonal waterfront camps

Hamlet of Loon Lake: five camps, including the old Inn, golf shop and Irish house. Two are year round.

Blue Spruce:  five camps, one is year round.

Oak lane:  one camp.

Plus, all the Loon Gulf acreage is for sale.

It typically takes several years for the high end camps to sell–waiting for the right buyer looking for a second home.  Many of these camps are sold fully or partially furnished.  For the most part, sellers get pretty near their asking price.   

It will be interesting to see how quickly the smaller seasonal homes transfer ownership.

In terms of new homes–  we have had a new camp built on the lake at the rate of roughly one every two years.  Mostly along the Northern lake– in some cases, replacing older run-down camps.  At the moment there are only a few building lots for sale around the lake.

Fourth of July Weekend

and the weather outlook is good…..

What a difference a week makes.  With the excitement of the fugitive prisoners behind us, it is again safe to venture out in the woods.  The lake is at its busiest this weekend.  My grand kids are here, and are already making plans with my across-the-bay neighbor’s grand kids.

Hopefully we will have the usual Fourth of July fireworks display off Horsehead Point (otherwise, I will need to drive the kids into SLK).  

Fishing is good.  Caught a 17 inch lunker Smallmouth off the Seven Keys Boathouse yesterday.  Fishing down about 10 feet.

Fire danger is low.  Please make sure you douse your campfires when done.

Loon Lake Homeowners Association annual meeting on Sunday….

Grand kids are up….I have breakfast duty.

Escaped Prisoners. (Update 6)

No news since Friday’s significant developments.  The State Police have established a perimeter at the other end of Route 26 in Duane  Two legs of the perimeter ar Route 26 in Duane and Route 30.  They are using the Duane Fire House as a base of operations.

There has been no confirmed “sighting” of Sweat since last weekend, when his DNA was found in a cabin near Mountain View.  The State Police believe the two prisoners were traveling together, hence the perimeter and search area where they are now concentrating their efforts.  But, they could have split, with Sweat traveling South along the D&H Railroad ROW/Niagara Mohawk power lines, which would bring him right past Loon  Lake.

This means we should not relax our vigilance here at Loon Lake.  Be careful, stay alert and be safe.  Although I love being in the woods,  I am not straying far from camp.  Most of my outdoor activities have been water-based–  staying  right on the lake.  We keep the doors locked– day and night, and the alarm set at night.

The prison escape has turned me into a Twitter addict.  Kudos to the Plattsburgh Press Republican.  Their coverage has been timely, thorough and accurate.  They are the go-to source for info on this situation.

Most interesting tweet overnight–  the searchers need dry socks.  A thousand people, here with little luggage, searching through the woods, in the pouring rain.  I can understand the need for socks.

It was a good day to fish

Spent a few hours on the water.  First with Paula on the Whaler, then solo in the Jon Boat. Caught several Smallmouth Bass and quite a few Perch.  All catch and release. Saw one other boat fishing, one stand-up paddler, and 4 kayaks.  Surprised at the lack of activity.  My grand daughter made me the awesome shirt.